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Spinach and Feta Pesto Pasta


300g Fresh spinach

2 Garlic cloves

100g Salted peanuts

100g Parmesan cheese or pecorino cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

1 lemon

1/2 sliced of bread

Freshly milled black pepper

30g Feta cheese (optional)

400g Dried spaghetti

200g Cherry tomatoes

2 tbsp Sherry vinegar

4 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tsp Honey

Salt and pepper

Here’s how

Firstly get a large pan of salted boiling water, it’s really important that you use a large pan as the pasta needs lots of space to bounce around during the cooking process.

Meanwhile to make this delicious pesto, place the spinach into a a food processor with the the 2 garlic cloves.

Scatter in the salted peanuts, grate in the cheese and pour in the olive oil.

Season up with a little black pepper.

I like to add a squeeze of lemon juice and some bread crumbs to help bind the sauce together.

Have a quick taste and season if required.

Add the feta cheese if you fancy it.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add to a bowl with the vinegar, olive, honey and seasoning.

Stir together and put to one side.

Now that the pasta is almost cooked, lift a ladle of the pasta water into a large shallow pan, then add half the pesto and stir together.

Do not put the pan on the heat.

Lift the pasta out using a pair of tongs and transfer into the pesto pasta sauce.

Stir together and serve up with the dressed cherry tomatoes.

Keep the remaining pesto in a jar in the fridge for uptown 2 weeks, top tip pour a layer of olive oil on top of the pesto to trap the air out as it helps keep it for longer.


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