Peter Sidwell is not only a chef, Tv presenter and author of 5 cookbooks. He is an entrepreneur of multiple businesses across various sectors. 


Peter has continued through his career to do it his own way, having self-published his first cookbook himself in 2008. He has built his career through investing in himself, his vision and his culinary abilities. 


Digital Content Creation

Pete has built and set up a new food innovation and media centre in the heart of the Lake District where he lives. Specialising in recipe creation, food photography and video for all manner of national and international clients. 


Brand Partners 

Working with several brands to help engage with target audience. Pete is proud to work with Symphony Kitchen's, Kitchen Craft and California Prunes. 


Food Development and Innovation 

Innovation is at the heart of all great food. Pete and his team work with brands both retail, food service, and producers to help develop products, strategies and business opportunities.



Simply Good Coffee is my latest coffee shop franchise business. Pete has partnered up with Easy Hotels to offer his unique approach to making great food and simply good food. 




With a show Currently airing on  Amazon Prime Video called A Taste of the Lakes, Pete wrote, produced and presented this show. Using Prime Video has given the opportunity to market his style of cooking to a golbal audience. 


Peter’s first TV series, Lakes on a Plate, was shown on Channel 4 in September 2010 and on Sky TV in 2015, 2017 and 2018.  He has also appeared as a judge alongside Mich Turner in the double series Britain’s Best Bakery, on ITV1.  The show reached over 3 million viewers per episode for its first series.  The second series in January 2014 was shown daily for 6 weeks totaling 30 episodes.  It was among ITV’s top 5 best-performing daytime shows of 2014 and nominated for a ‘Best Daytime’ National TV Award.  


Simply Good Food TV is the Netflix of food programming where he is curating and broadcast the best online food and cookery programs. The food TV app has grown from zero to an audience of 1 million people who love food. The business has now moved into creating branded programming to add to the app. Simply Good Food Tv aims to match talented chefs, presenters, and foodie with brands that want to deliver content-driven marketing campaigns to a target audience of people who love food. Pete is the founder and the driving force of this dynamic forward-thinking business. "It's exciting times in the media world and as a chef, I want to be in control of my own career and want to help grow a global food media business for chefs to deliver their creativity and passion for food"



Peter has written 4 cookbooks with Simon and Schuster and 1 cookbook for Lakeland. He is currently working on self-publishing book as he wants to create and control the complete project to ensure maximum success globally, He is currently photographing and writing his latest cook within his own food studio and kitchen. By doing it this way he is able to take a full 12 months on seasonality, trends and emotion to craft out the perfect cookbook. He will be incorporating all his brand relationships to maximize his relationships with them in his kitchen and help deliver full ROI. 


Please contact info@petersidwell.com for more information