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Pigs in Blanket Tacos with Cranberry and Red Onion Salsa

Makes 8 small tacos 2 each

Prep time 5 minutes

Cook time 15 minutes


2 Red onions

3 lime

1 tsp salt

16 Pigs in blankets

120g Cranberry sauce

1 tsp Chipotle paste

75g Grated Wensleydale cheese.

1 Handful of coriander leaf.

Here’s how

Slice the red onions as thinly as possible, then season with a little salt and squeeze one of the limes over the onions to give it a light pickle.

Place t he cooked pigs in blankets onto an oven tray and re heat for 15 minutes at 160c.

Meanwhile to make the tacos sauce, mix together the cranberry sauce, juice of 1 lime and the chipotle paste.

To serve, spread a little of the spiced cranberry sauce onto the tacos.

Add some 2 pigs in blankets per tacos, top with pickled red onions and some coriander leaf.

Finally sprinkle a little cheese on top and a finally squeeze of lime and they are good to go.


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