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Public Speaking

I have just returned from another successful public speaking event. I was asked to talk about my unique approach to marketing the hows, the whys and whats !!! I was thrilled to recieve such glowing feed back from the event organisers, so much so that I have been asked to return and fiollow up on another business related subject.

Peter has spoken at a couple of events organised by Carlisle Ambassadors. On both occasions, he not only delivered on the topics agreed (one specifically about marketing skills, and one more about the "business of food"), but he did so in a highly professional but informal way. It is one thing to be able to stand up and deliver a "scripted" presentation, and quite another to be able to transfer knowledge and interesting facts, whilst actively entertaining, engaging and interacting with the audience. Great speaker, and a fantastic go-to person for all things foodie, brand and marketing!

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