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Rarebit on Toast

Serves 4


4 Thick slices of sourdough bread

50g Butter

180g Lincolnshire Poacher cheese

125g Cows milk mozzarella ball

2 Egg yolks

4 Spring onions

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

4 Slices of sourdough bread

Salt and pepper for seasoning

1 Red Onion

100ml White Vinegar

Here’s how

Cut sourdough bread into slices and butter on one side.

Place the buttered bread, butter side up onto a baking tray and grill until just toasted, then remove from the grill

Grate the Lincolnshire Poacher cheese into a mixing bowl with the two egg yolks and chopped spring onions.

Break up the mozzarella ball and mix it into the other cheese with a few splashes of the Worcestershire sauce to create a paste.

Turn the toasted bread over so the buttered toasted side is facedown.

Top the bread with the cheese mixture, mixing sure to cover the bread.

Top with a few more splashes of Worcestershire sauce before grilling until golden and bubbling.

To pickle the onions for that perfect finish, slice the red onion as thin as possible and place into a container.

Boil the vinegar and pour over the onions to speed up the pickle.

When your cheese on toast is ready remove it from the grill and serve with some of the drained pickled onions.


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