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California Prune Banana Bread

Experimental baking is key part of our working day. Our development kitchen has been busy working on alternative approaches to baking both in fat and sugar reduction. Both these elements are key to flavour, mouth feel, shelf life and texture. This is quite a challenging project however we have seen some interesting results and have tested culinary knowhow to deliver some fantastic methodology and recipes to help our partners support their customers with innovations

Banana bread with California Prunes


325g baking marg

225g prune puree

300g Golden caster sugar

8 eggs

500g self raising flour

10g baking powder

20g sesame seeds white

10g sesame seeds black

8 ripe bananas frozen and then blended to a puree

Bake for 55 minutes 170c

Here’s how

Place the margarine and California prune puree into a mixer and blend together with the golden castor sugar until light and fluffy.

Add the eggs while still mixing on slow one at a time until fully mixed in.

Sieve in the flour and baking powder and mix slowly, then add the banana puree and sesame seeds.

Pour the mix into 4 2lb loaf tins and bake in a pre heated oven 170c for 55 minutes.

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