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California Prune and Hallumi Skewers with Lime and Coriander Salsa

I just love the contrast that the California Prunes offers against the saltiness of the hallumi cheese, then all finished off with a tangy lime, chilli and coriander salsa.


Make 8 portions

15 minutes prep time

5 minutes cooking time

2 blocks of hallumi cheese

24 California Prunes

8 wooden skewers

1 tbsp of olive oil

cracked black pepper

for the salsa

1/2 red onion

2 limes

1 red chilli

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 handful of fresh coriander leaf

Heres how

Cut the hallumi cheese is cubes and set to one side.

Place the California Prunes and cheese on to the skewers alternately 2 pieces of cheese and 3 California prunes on each skewer. (if you want to make smaller ones for canapés just cut the cubes smaller and the California Prunes in half)

When you have finished all the skewers, place them on a tray and drizzle or brush with a little olive oil.

To make the salsa, finely dice the red onion and place in a mixing bowl.

Add the lime juice and using your hand squeeze the onion in the lime juice to help pickle the onion a little.

Finely chop the red chilli and ado the bowl.

Add the olive oil and mix together.

Finally add the coriander just as your about to cook the hallumi and California Prunes as you don’t want the lime juice to wilt the fresh coriander.

To serve, grill the skewers in a pre heated grill pan for 1-2 minutes on each side of the cheese, then transfer to a serving plate and top with the delicious tangy lime and coriander salsa.

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