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Making Fresh Pasta

Making fresh pasta is super easy, it really is worth the effort I promise you will taste the difference.

Here is a simple recipe that will help you gain the confidence to get into the kitchen and start cooking.


serves 4

400g oo pasta flour

4 large free range eggs

for the sauce

100g of butter

1 clove of garlic

6 fresh sage leaves



Here's how

Pour the flour our into a large mixing bowl, then crack all 4 egg into the centre of the flour

using a fork start mixing the eggs and flour together until it forms a soft dough

Transfer the dough to a clean work surface and start to knead (don't use and extra flour as it will dry the dough out)

Knead and mix the dough until it becomes smooth and easy to move around while kneading.

Place the pasta into the fridge for 30 minutes to rest before rolling

Cut the dough into 4 portions, the roll into a sausage shape

Using a knife, cut the dough into small disks no bigger than a 1 pence piece

Here's the trick using a very simple pasta paddle from Amazon you can create these amazing gnocchi style pasta shapes

When you have made all your pasta leave it to dry out a little before cooking in salted boiling water

While the pasta is cooking melt the butter slowly in a large shallow pan

Crush the garlic and through it in with the butter and finally add the sage leave

Warm the butter through until the sage starts to crackle, then add a ladle of the water the pasta is cooking in this will form your sauce

When the pasta is cooked, drain and add to the sauce

Season with plenty of cracked black pepper and top with grated parmesan cheese if you fancy

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