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This weeks summer Sizzler

this recipe has been taken from another one of my successful Peter Sidwell’s Kitchen show, broadcast every Saturday on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


2 oranges juiced

750ml Spanish red wine

300ml Sparkling water or lemonade

8 Strawberries

12 Raspberries

1 stick Cinnamon

3 tbsp sugar if using sparkling water

22g gelatine or 2 sachets (you can also use 2 blocks of orange jelly)

Here’s how

Pour the red wine into. Large sauce pan, then add the juice of the oranges.

Drop the cinnamon stick into the wine and warm gently.

Place the prepped berries into each glass.

If you are using gelatine leaf you will need to soak them in cold water before adding to the wine, or if you are using orange jelly as I did on the program just tear it up and stir in.

Finally remove from the heat and add he lemonade or sparkling water and sugar.

Remove the orange halves from the pan and pour into the glass over the fruit.

Place the jellies into the fridge for 3-4 hours or over night.


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