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Chorizo and Sour Dough Brunch

Chorizo and sour dough hash Serves 2 Ingredients

150g chorizo sausage 1/2 red chili 1 garlic clove 20g butter 2 spring onions 1 handful of coriander 150g stale baguette 2 large free range eggs Here's how Dice the chorizo and place in a cold pan. Place the pan on a medium heat and slowly dry to release the data from the sausage. Add in the chopped garlic and chili . Add the chunks of stale bread they best just form up by hand and added straight to be pan so that's they can say am up the chorizo fats. Add in the butter and continue to fry to make sure everything get a coating. Meanwhile get your eggs into poach. Finish the chorizo with the spring onion and coriander. Spoon the chorizo mix into the extra of the plate and top with one of the poached eggs. Finish with a little fracked pepper on the egg and a drizzle of oil.  

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